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ALUCOAT is a single component  bituminous reflective paint. The film of ALUCOAT  that is formed after the evaporation of the solvent reflects sun radiation which as a result leads to  a reduction of the substrate temperature. The surface exhibits good resistance to thin acids,  alkalis solutions  and  to various  corrosive  chemicals. It does not  resist  to oils.



It is used as the final coating not only to all types of  bituminous membranes but also to all bituminous coatings (solvent based as well as water based). It can also protect various type  of substrates such as  concrete, stone, metal, wood  or  polyurethane  with its anti-corrosive capacity It is not compatible with polystyrene.



Surface preparation

The surface must be smooth, clean and dry, free from dust, oils grease and other debris.


ALUCOAT is applied greatly as the final coating on many new and old waterproofing systems.

-In the case of bituminous membranes it carries its reflective capacity, retains the mineral slates to their place, contributes to the products resistance against ageing and reduces the temperature transmitted onto the surface.

-In the case of waterproofing coatings, it contributes to their protection against ageing and with its reflective capacity it reduces the temperature transmitted onto the surface.

 -It is also used for the protection of metal surfaces against corrosion.

ALUCOAT is cold applied by brush, roller or spray gun.

Before use, good agitation of   the material is required.

The application of at least two coats  is recommended  provided that the previous layer  is completely dry.

The application of one thick layer  of ALUCOAT must be avoided.

In the case of corroded metallic surfaces, after thorough cleaning, the surface must be primed with  EXTRALAC PRIMER before  the application of  ALUCOAT.

An estimated consumption is 0.25- 0.3 kgr/m² depending on the surface.



It can be achieved by means of gasoline, oil, or other appropriate solvent.



ALUCOAT is flammable therefore  it should  be  kept  away  from  any sources of ignition. For more information, please consult the relevant  Material Safety Data Sheet.



The product should be kept  in firmly closed cans, in a cool and well ventilated environment. The properties of the product remain unchangeable for at least one year in normal storage conditions.



The product is supplied in cans of  5 kg and 18 kg.