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Terms of Use

Welcome to the website and to the website service of the merchants - partners of the company called “BITULINE BITUMINOUS AND CHEMICAL INDUSTRY SINGLE MEMBER ANONYMOUS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL COMPANY” (hereinafter “Company”), located in Vathi Avlida [16th km BC.O. Chalkidas - Thebes], has an A.F.M. 094228983 of the Tax Office. CHALKIDA, Reg.No: 46137622000, Tel:+302262071793, fax:+302262071727 and e–mail: The following terms apply for each use of the website and for the online sale of products through the online store of the Company. Any other terms and conditions shall be expressly excluded. We invite you, before entering and browsing the Company's online store, to consult the following terms and conditions, as any user entering, browsing, trading, or making use of the services of the online store (hereinafter “Customer” or “User”) is considered to unreservedly consent and accept these terms, without any exception, which prevail over everything according to the law.


The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify or revise the present terms and conditions of the transactions made through its online store. Further, the Company undertakes to inform Users of any modifications or any change through the website of this e-shop. It is specified that the change of terms does not take up orders that have already been placed. O User is requested to check the content of the terms of use for possible changes. The continued use of even after any changes means the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the User. This online store is addressed exclusively to traders, who can make full use of it through unique username, granted by the Company. The acquisition of the connection codes constitutes an irrefutable presumption of knowledge of the terms and conditions of transactions through, and their use implies unconditional acceptance, as they will apply each time. Any purchase made through the use of these codes is assumed to be made within the Customer's commercial activity.

Information & Products

The Company is committed to the truth, completeness and validity of the information listed in the online store regarding the identity and data of itself, its suppliers, as well as the essential characteristics described for each product it has, and the accuracy of the data relating to the services provided by the online store. The Company is not responsible for errors resulting from any malfunction of the operating system or from an error or from a case of force majeure, but is committed to correct them without delay, as soon as possible   of the Commission.

Limitation Of Liability

The Company informs before the completion of the transaction about the availability and the estimated delivery time. The Company, as part of its transactions through its online store, is not liable and is not liable for any damage or damage resulting from the cancelation of orders, from the non-execution or from the delay of their execution, for any reason. It does not guarantee the availability of the products displayed in the online store, except when it has accepted a transaction. The User is informed on the basis of the kept data about availability, which may change depending on the progress of orders. The online store provides the basic information of products available through the website, as the law provides and, any photos are aimed at the most realistic depiction of the product, but may have deviations from the actual situation.

The Company has taken the necessary measures to ensure the safe navigation and transactions in the online store with SSL encryption protocol and is not responsible for the violation of the security systems and programs it uses. The Company is not liable in civil or criminal proceedings for any damage or damage that may be suffered by the User of the online store or third party for a cause related to the operation or non-operation and/or use of the online store or the inability to provide products and/or information made available by him and/or any unauthorized interference by third parties in products and/or information made available through him. For products manufactured by third parties, the Company does not provide a guarantee, nor does it make its own statements to the Users about the suitability of the product sold for the purpose stated by the manufacturer and/or the supplier of the product. As regards products not produced by the Company, the use in any way of marks and any other intellectual property element, does not involve their appropriation, but the use absolutely necessary for the needs of marketing.

Liability & Warranty Supplier - Seller's Liability for Defects

Products not produced by the Company are available under the terms and conditions specified by the respective producer, who is responsible accordingly. The manufacturer of each product shall be responsible for the quality and suitability of its product and for any damage caused by a defect in the product.

Payment Methods

The Customer chooses from the proposed payment methods and instruments, but the submission of the data is done with diligence and sole responsibility, and the cross-checking of the data and each transaction is carried out with care and responsibility of the entity that carries it out. After the completion of the transaction, the Company's responsibility is limited to the execution of the order, which corresponds to this transaction.

Payment by Credit / Debit Card

Credit cards are accepted in the Company's online store.Payment is made on a one-off basis or with payment of installments.

Transactions in the online store are protected by SSL security online systems which guarantee a safe trading environment. The credit or debit card details are not filed and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Payment by Bank Account

In case of payment by bank deposit, the Customer completes his order without making the payment. His order remains pending until the deposit of the full amount in one of the following bank accounts. Upon deposit, the Customer must deposit the entire price of his order, adding to the statement of the deposit's name and electronic order number. If the payment of his order appears, then the Company sends the readily available products, and then the start for the deadline for the execution of special orders is delimited.

Pay with Cash On Delivery

The Customer can pay the total price of his order by way of an advance payment, i.e. by paying the amount due to the authorized collector, seller or distributor of the Company upon delivery.