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PROPERTIES  : BITUFLEX PU is one component polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane based on elastomeric  , hydrophobic polyurethane resins. The film that is formed  is elastic, ,vapour permeable  and uniform without seams  . It  has excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal,  UV  and weather resistance properties 

USAGE  BITUFLEX  PU can  be applied  to  many  substrates   such  as   concrete ,stone, wood  , any type of waterproofing membrane ,etc.

BITUFLEX PU  is the ideal  product for  waterproofing  and protection of : surfaces with stagnant water ,roofs ,basements ,tanks,  terraces   and  balconies , bathrooms or kitchens (under tile) construction works such as  parking decks ,bridge decks  ,tunnels ,irrigation channels, etc.

APPLICATION The surface must be smooth ,clean and dry, free from dust, oils and grease .A moisture content of less than 5% is generally recommended for concrete surfaces, Rainy weather should  be avoided.

BITUFLEX PU   must  be  slightly  stirred before the application  Extensive stirring should be avoided  It  is  applied  by brush  ,roller  or air gun  in 2-3 layers. BITUFLEX PU can be applied without the use of a primer. However the use of primer BITUFLEX  PU  PRIMER  is recommended in order to improve the mechanical properties of the surface  of the concrete. 

The first layer is applied  not earlier than 1 hour and not later than 24 h  after priming  with  BITUFLEX  PU PRIMER . The second layer should be applied crosswise after  3-24 hours  dependant upon the weather conditions. For application by airless spray it is suggested to dilute the product with xylene up to 10%..

CONSUMPTION: It  is  used  at  a  consumption  of  1.5 -2.0  kg/m² depending on   the surface.
PRECAUTIONS : BITUFLEX PU   is  flammable therefore  it  should  be  kept  away  from  any sources of ignition .For more information ,please consult the relevant  Material Safety Data Sheet.
STORAGE : 12 months from production date provided that it is stored in original ,unopened  containers at temperatures between +5°C and  25°C.