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EXTRACOAT is a bituminous  water  soluble  emulsion  dark brown in colour, pulp in form. It consists  of  bitumen, water and  special additives. The film that is formed after the application and drying out of EXTRACOAT is not affected by thin acids and alakalis solutions and various  corrosive  chemicals.

It  does  not  resist  to oils.



EXTRACOAT can   be applied   to  many  substrates   such  as   concrete ,stone  or wood.

It is compatible with polyurethane and polystyrene.

EXTRACOAT   is  an excellent  waterproofing  material  which  can be applied on  foundation  basements, walls, roofs (flat or inclined). Also it is used as an adhesive for thermal insulation materials. It can also be used  as  a  water   vapour   barrier.

Diluted with water it can be used  for  bonding   bituminous membranes.



Surface preparation

The surface must be smooth ,clean and dry ,free from dust,oils  , grease and other debris.



EXTRACOAT  is cold applied  by brush, roller or spray gun.

For the application of bituminous waterproofing membrane  only one layer of EXTRACOAT is sufficient. The recommended dilution  is up to 30% with water The  installation of the membrane to the primed substrate can start only after the evaporation of the water (at least 24 h) and the dry film formation.

For the waterproofing of surfaces  the application of at least two coats is recommended provided that the first layer  is completely  dry.

The application of  one thick layer  of EXTRACOAT must be avoided

The use of a reinforcement between  two coatings of EXTRACOAT  increases the mechanical  strength of the system.

When EXTRACOAT  is used for the waterproofing of  surfaces exposed to direct sun radiation, it  must be protected with bituminous aluminium paint  ALUCOAT  to extend its life span and avoid premature ageing.

It is used at  a   consumption  of  0.5- 1 kg/m²  depending on the porosity and smoothness  of  the surface.


When the material is still  wet  cleaning can be made with water.If it has dried   gasoline, oil or other  proper solvent can be used.



Extended contact with skin is to be avoided. For more information, please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.



EXTRACOAT should be kept in firmly closed cans at a temperature higher than 0°C .The properties of the EXTRACOAT  remain unchangeable for at least one year under normal storage conditions.



The product is supplied in cans of  5kg,  19 kg and  in barrels of 220 kg.