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ELASTOLAC is  a cold  applied   elastomeric   varnish   consisting   of  bitumen,  elastomers, solvents  and special  additives. It is the proper product to use for the waterproofing and protection of surfaces, existing waterproofing system and also as a primer for new waterproofing applications with bituminous membranes.

The film that is formed after the application and drying out of ELASTOLAC  retains its elasticity in the course of time and exhibits exceptionally good resistance to temperature  fluctuations,  expansions-contractions etc It is not affected by thin acids and alkalis solutions and various corrosive chemical substances. It does not resist to oils.



ELASTOLAC can be applied  to many  substrates such as concrete, stone, metal or wood. It is compatible with polyurethane but not with polystyrene.

It is  recommended   for the waterproofing of   roofs, walls, foundations,  .for the anticorrosion protection of metallic surfaces ,for  the repairing of old bituminous coatings  and as  an adhesive of  thermal insulation materials .

It is used as a waterproofing  material  and also as a primer for  the application of bituminous  membranes.



Surface  preparation

The surface must be smooth, clean and dry, free from dust, oils and grease.


ELASTOLAC  must  be  stirred well  before usage

ELASTOLAC  is cold applied  by brush, roller or spray gun.

For the application of bituminous waterproofing membranes only one layer of ELASTOLAC is sufficient. The recommended  dilution is up to 30% with an organic solvent. The application of the membrane  onto the primed substrate can  start  only after the evaporation of the solvent(at least 24 h) and the dry film formation.

For the waterproofing of surfaces the application of at least two coats provided that the first layer is completely dry is recommended.

The application of one thick layer of ELASTOLAC must be avoided.

When the surface waterproofed with ELASTOLAC   is exposed to direct sun radiation it must be protected with bituminous aluminium paint ALUCOAT to extend its life span and avoid premature ageing.

It  is  used  at  a  consumption  of  0.3 -0.6  kg/m² depending on the porosity and smoothness  of  the surface.



It can be achieved by means of gasoline, oil, or other appropriate solvent.



ELASTOLAC is flammable therefore it should be kept away from any sources of ignition. For more information, please consult the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet.



The product should be kept in firmly closed cans, in a cool and well ventilated environment. The properties of the product remain unchangeable for at least  one year in normal storage conditions.



The product is supplied in cans of 1 kg and 19 kg.