Bituminous Self-Adhesive Membranes


The bituminous membrane PALLADIEN STICK is an elastomeric self adhesive  waterproofing membrane obtained from distilled asphalt modified with elastomeric  polymers (SBS)  and special additives. The membrane is reinforced by a non –woven polyester  (P), or a glass fiber tissue (V). The upper surface of the membrane is protected by  polyethylene film (F) or by aluminium foil (ALU).

The lower surface of the membrane PALLADIEN STICK is protected by a siliconized polyethylene  film which has to be removed during the application.



Bituminous compound

  • very good  low temperature resistance
  • excellent elongation
  • absolute watertightness
  • good resistance to acids and alkalis
  • excellent bonding capacity

Non-woven polyester

  • very good tensile strength and elongation
  • tear resistant
  • resistant to static loading

Glass fiber tissue

  • excellent  dimensional  stability

Aluminium foil

  • excellent protection from ultraviolet rays
  • increases the ageing resistance
  • reduces the spread of flame in case of fire



The roll dimensions are 10m long and 1m wide. The rolls are supplied on wooden pallets and are held in position by a heat shrunk  plastic bag.



Surface preparation

The surface must be smooth ,clean and dry ,free from dust,oils ,grease and other debris.

The surface  is then   treated with  bituminous primer (EXTRALAC PRIMER  at a consumption of 0.2-0.25 kg/m²) or with elastomeric bituminous primer (ELASTOLAC  at a consumption of 0.3-06 kg/m²) and allowed to dry at least for 24 h before the application of the membrane.


Remove  the siliconized  polyethylene film  and  press  the  self adhesive bituminous membrane  onto the surface The overlaps between two sheets must be at least 5 cm.

The application temperature must be above  5°C.At  lower temperature conditions a slight  heating of the membrane is recommended.

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