• BITULINE INDUSTRIES SA is a Greek manufacturing company which develops and produces bituminous and chemical products that offer effective and reliable waterproofing solutions.

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  • From its foundation in 1988 to date, BITULINE INDUSTRIES SA produces bituminous waterproofing membranes and coatings whose quality and effectiveness.

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  • The company also offers a wide range of additional insulation materials and accessories for all types of waterproofing applications.

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Technical Support
BITULINE INDUSTRIES offers  technical support to its clients but also to any interested party on the suitable selection of the appropriate waterproofing   item, from the wide range of its products, which is advisable at any case or project.

Experienced personnel provide useful advice and  effective instructions, for the waterproofing of any surface,  aiming at the best possible result.
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20 Jun 2013
19 Jun 2013
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Contact us
16km PEO Chalkis Thebes, PO Box 19
Vathi Avlidos
Thebes 32200

Tel: +30 22620 71792 - 94
Fax: +30 22620 71727
E-mail: sales@bituline.gr
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